• Takashi Yamanoue,
    "Monitoring of Servers and Server Rooms by IoT System that Can Configure and Control its Terminal Sensors Behind a NAT Using a Wiki Page on the Internet"
    Journal of Information Processing(JIP), 2020 Volume 28 Pages 204-213
    • abstract: This paper describes a method of monitoring servers or server rooms by an Internet of Things (IoT) system that can configure and control terminal sensors behind a network address translation (NAT) router through a Wiki page on the Internet. This IoT system consists of Wiki pages and a bot (Wiki Bot) that runs on Raspberry Pi with sensors. A Wiki Bot can be placed behind the NAT router to resist various online attacks. The IoT system can monitor servers behind a NAT router over the Internet. A Wiki Bot is controlled by sending commands from the Wiki page. It acquires data from its sensors and processes the data via a command sequence of commands. The sensors settings and the data sampling rate can be remotely changed by changing the commands on the Wiki page.
    • https://doi.org/10.2197/ipsjjip.28.204
  • 村上順也,山之上卓,
    情報処理学会 研究報告インターネットと運用技術(IOT), Vol. 2020-IOT-48,No. 6,pp. 1-6. (2020-2)

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